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men have become the tools of their tools

Cap'n Jazz

—Little League


Cap’n Jazz - Little league 

hey coffee eyes, you got me coughin’ up my cookie heart. making promises to myself. promises like seeds of everything i could be. hey, Ringwald haze. we’re using bruises too loosely in a haste to lose me. and i’ve given all i could give. we live in quick flips, slips, tips, and taps to snap us outta these statue traps. and i’ve taken all i could take. hey ring walled haze. we’re using judo like bruce lee in a haste to bruise me. and i’ve given all i could give, i’ve taken all i could take. i’ve pushed all that i could push, and pulled all that i could pull. thin kids get a skinny neck hex, heads hang heavy. and kitty cat, i’m feeling heavy. museum mouth, museum mouth, my how you’ve misused me.

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